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The more you train, the more you’ll realize how much you’re truly capable of. And when you realize that, your Confidence soars.

It is all about challenge. Every new challenge you face in your martial arts training requires you to grow and improve in some way. You will find yourself overcoming obstacles and accomplishing amazing new things you may have never thought you could.

Martial arts requires true focus and concentration to perfect each move. This process increases your ability to concentrate and focus - which you will benefit from in many ways in your daily life.

New Focus &

More Confidence - than Ever!

‍‍‍Our martial arts training will get you in amazing shape and fast!  Our exciting and unique fighting skills and drills training, will work you from head-to-toe.

Are you out of shape? No problem! Training is self-paced to your level of fitness, and our Instructors are right there to give you any needed variations. With your steady attendance, we’ll get you in good shape quickly.

Within just a few weeks, it’s very common that you’ll burn fat, build lean muscle mass, and boost your energy.

Krav Maga Training in Austin at Impact Martial Arts

Action-packed, Body-toning Fitness!

And here’s what we give you...

in every single class:

I wanted to thank you for giving us something we all love and have in common. This bonds us all together as a family - Thank you!

Jake Kubena

As a business owner in Austin, I hardly find the time to do physical activities along with my family. My children look forward to their “Karate days” (they also enjoy being higher in rank than me!) My wife loves that she can workout next door at Impact Strong while our kids are in their Karate classes.

My family and I enjoy all the classes very much.

“My family and I enjoy the classes very much....bonds us all together as a family - Thank you!”

Check out what our Members are saying:

Be part of a class where you’ll learn and develop real martial arts fighting and self-defense skills – with the most effective training:

  • Muay Thai Kickboxing – “The Art of the 8 Weapons”
  • Krav Maga – Contact Combat
  • Bushidokan Karate/Kickboxing
  • Jiu Jitsu
  • Modern Arnis

And you will learn to defend yourself in real-life self-defense situations!  Confidence is the best deterrent – and you will earn a lot of it here!

Check out the three Training Areasyou will practice in:

Main Training Matted Floor Area

Effective Self-defense Training

The “Back Alley!”

Fully Equipped Kickboxing Gym

Real Fighting, Muay Thai,

& Self-defense Skills

Your training begins with practical moves and skills training, Krav Maga, and building your fitness as you progress. In each class, you’ll feel your body undergoing changes, as it will adapt to the new skills you are developing.  

You will quickly see yourself becoming LEANER, STRONGER, and more CONFIDENT!

It's important how you START, to grow into a GREAT EXPERIENCE in the Martial Arts. Take a free trial class and see if we're right for you.

Some of my friends were going to Impact Martial Arts so I tried it out and have been going two years now. They motivate and encourage you to reach your goals. It’s also an awesome workout every class! Martial arts training has helped me in other sports and I feel has given me an advantage in conditioning, focus, and belief that I can accomplish anything I put my heart and mind to. I love my martial arts training and all my Instructors. Thank you for all you do. Come join us!!

“It’s also an awesome workout every class! ...belief that I can accomplish anything I put my heart and mind to.”

Blake Dillashaw

I wish I could train everyday at Impact Martial Arts! I was nervous when I took my first class, but there are many others my age (15) here, and now they’re some of my best friends! The instructors are great, and everyone is really friendly. The martial arts they teach are very practical and effective, and you always get a great workout. We also have three workout areas - I love the Back Alley!

“many others my they’re some of my best friends! The martial arts they teach are very practical...”

Brenda Gladstone

“...a practical approach to self-defense... The instruction is fantastic and I highly recommend!”

Jo Ellen Neill

I saw a self-defense demonstration on TV and began searching for a school that taught a practical approach to self-defense. I looked at several and then I walked into Impact. There was the instructor I saw on TV! What really struck me about this school though was that the students seemed to love being there. The energy in the room was driven and supportive. I joined and have been taking classes for over a year now. The instruction is fantastic! I highly recommend Impact Martial Arts for women and men.

Haven’t thrown a punch or kick in your life?  Our Expert Instructors take you from the very first moves, to where you’re surprised at your new skills – Fast.

Get Powerful Self-defense, Body-toning 

Fitness, & New Confidence in every Class!

Hear what our Members say:

Impact Martial Arts

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If you're looking for a great school, and live in the following areas -  Austin, South Austin, Westlake, Oak Hill, Dripping Springs – we have students like you who train with us! 

Real Fighting, Muay Thai, & Self-defense Skills

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