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Impact Martial Arts Austin, TX



* We teach Life Skills:

  • Improved Focus

  • Self-discipline

  • Confidence!

Impact Martial Arts

3601 W. William Cannon Dr. #225

Austin, TX 78749


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Class Schedule


Mr. Doss honed his skills to become a legitimate A.K.B.B.A. Grandmaster Instructor, and now imparts his knowledge and expertise to other generations.

By providing real-life self-defense and practical application training, we utilize traditional martial arts to teach life lessons that focus on the 6 Tenets of the Martial  Arts:






Indomitable Spirit

People of all ages can gain something great from our classes.

You will find that this is a judgment-free place where everyone of all shapes and sizes, and that come from various backgrounds will feel safe, appreciated and cared about. Our students at Impact Martial Arts are the lifeline and soul of the school. We put each student’s goals and progress first!

We are a family center where everyone can find a martial art/fitness class. Here is where mom, dad, teenager, and child can find time to workout together or in their separate classes. Often it’s hard to balance life and your fitness. We want to make life easier for you!

We have specialized Programs and classes for ages 4-6, 7-12, teens, and adults. We teach our students the best of Karate, Krav Maga, Muay Thai Kickboxing, MMA, Hapkido, Jiu Jitsu, Weapons and more!

Join and be a part of the Impact Martial Arts family!!!






If you're looking for a great school, and live in the following areas - South Austin, Manchaca, Circle C, Shady Hollow, Oak Hill, Buda, Dripping Springs – we have students like you who train with us!

Our Instructors are dedicated martial artists who love bringing out the best in others.

Our expert Instructor Staff are great role models, and work to bring out the best in each student.

Ages 4-6, 7-12, Teens, & Adults:

  • Learn to Defend yourself
  • Improve your Focus
  • Grow in Confidence
  • Become more fit, flexible & coordinated
  • and you'll make new friends and find that training at Impact is a lot of fun!

...or call 512-999-3002 to see if class openings are available..

* 5 Years "Voted Best in Austin!"

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Welcome to Impact Martial Arts!  I'm Steve Doss, the Head Instructor, and I want to welcome you to our

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* The 2021 Martial Arts Hall of Fame - Living Legend

* Rated Top 10 Fighters in World - PKA, WKA, ISKA

* Korean Martial Arts Festival & Tournament -Heavyweight Champion, Grand Champion Runner-up (1990 - The 1st non-Korean to win or place in Southeast Asia's largest Martial Arts Competition)* US Open Grand Champion - Grand Champion Men's Black Belt Fighting in North America's #1 Martial Arts Tournament

* Texas State & California State Fighting Champion

* Advanced Black Belt Ranking in 5 different styles


“My parents enrolled their young son (me) in Karate classes - because I needed more discipline, respect, & focus.

And to their surprise, it worked!

Now a few decades later (I never stopped), my academy Impact Martial Arts is Austin’s longest-running martial arts school (since 1984).

Along with my great staff, we have successfully taught these same benefits to 1000's of students, ages 4-12, teens & adults.

To find out if we're the right martial arts school for you, book a free trial and see if we're a good fit.”

Mr. Steve DossHead Instructor

Martial Arts Champion Steve Doss - Top competitor and presenter.

**One more thing - You/your child/your family - are going to become very good at defending yourself!

* Steve Doss was recently featured in MA Success (The Martial Art World's largest magazine)

Master Instructor Steve Doss:

**The Mission of Impact Martial Arts is to inspire and improve our student's lives through their practice and advancement in the Martial Arts.


Steve Doss BIO STUFF:

On Menchaca Rd. just North of Slaughter, turn down the road between AutoZone & O'Reilly Auto.. You'll see a giant blue building at the end - SoccerZone - We are right inside the door!

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Focus, Self-discipline, and Confidence in structured and focused classes.

Focus, Self-discipline, and Confidence in structured and focused classes.

Focus, Self-discipline, and Confidence in structured and focused classes.

Focus, Self-discipline, and Confidence in structured and focused classes.

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Several of the leading Martial Arts Associations - including Black Belt Schools of America, have recognized and Awarded us as one of the:

*Top 100 Martial Arts Schools in America

Impact Martial Arts

9501 Menchaca Rd.

Austin, TX 78748


* Featured martial artist in America's largest martial arts magazine: MASuccess.

H5 Heading

* Featured Martial Artist in the World's largest Martial Arts magazine: MASuccess

Steve Doss & Cobra Kai!

Impact Martial Arts provides expert MMA, Muay Thai Kickboxing, Karate, and Krav Maga Self-defense training.

We are a family-friendly business and a local favorite - serving the Austin, TX area for nearly 40 years!

Our MMA Gym offers specialized classes and training for Kids (4-6 & 7-12, Teens & Adults.

Build new Confidence, Focus, & Respect while learning Self-defense!


BIG BENEFITS of our classes:

Parents see their children become more respectful and confident in their lives. Kids love our motivating and fun classes and events!

Teens and Adults like our MMA Curriculum, along with the fitness and confidence that comes from learning the fighting arts. Many great friendships are made here.

Austin's Award - Winning Martial Arts School


Head Instructor Steve Doss: