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Impact Martial Arts Kids

Would you like more Focus, Confidence, Personal Success & Fun for your child?

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  • You often have to repeat yourself many times to get your child to do something. Are they just not listening? Our Karate classes will help build their focus and attention span.
  • They are lacking the confidence and self-esteem necessary to reach their full potential. They are quietly shy, and sometimes get taken advantage of.
  • Your child is smart and bright, but they often can’t focus in school, home, and in other settings. (They may have even been labeled “ADD” or “ADHD."


Here are 10 ways your child can benefit from our martial arts classes:

  1. They will learn to protect themselves
  2. Increase in concentration & focus
  3. Develop good social skills
  4. Gain self-respect & respect for others
  5. Increase their confidence & self-esteem
  6. Develop healthy fitness habits
  7. To reinforce them being helpful & considerate
  8. To perform better in life, school & beyond
  9. They develop a winning attitude
  10. To get more active, make positive new friends, & have FUN!

         It's true.

Little Champions - ages 4-6

Help your young child build their Focus, Self Control, and a Respectful attitude. In our structured kids karate classes, they'll have both fun, and have a great outlet for their energy!

Junior Martial Arts - ages 7-12

Our structured and disciplined Karate classes are the favorite with both kids and their parents. Your junior student will have fun while learning Karate and Leadership skills, along with BULLY BUSTER and STRANGER DANGER self-defense.


Success and Achievement!     At Impact Martial Arts, your child will be given the right amount of challenge for them to grow and accomplish! Your child will learn Goal Setting - while developing a high level of Martial Arts skills and technique. They develop a BLACK BELT ATTITUDE - an Indomitable Spirit that never quits, to all areas of their lives!


classes for ages 4-6 and 7-12

Junior Karate Class

** This is the Austin Martial Arts School that has been Voted Best in Austin - for 5 Years!

We help you bring out the best in your child...

It's true.

Your child will build their Focus & Self-control in our specialized Karate classes for kids ages 4-6 and 7-12.

(see the many reviews of parents' experiences at Impact Martial Arts in South Austin)

They will also:

  • get a great physical workout
  • learn a martial arts curriculum that is both Fun & Structured
  • make new friends and look forward to each class!

PLUS - they will learn some very valuable Self-defense skills:



Many parents see positive changes in their children within just a few classes, especially in their MOTIVATION.

What your child will learn here...

Our Little Champions (ages 4-6) and Junior Martial Arts Program (ages 7-12) are designed to greatly benefit your child.

In these structured Austin "Karate for Kids" classes, we start by teaching your child how to Focus, and to set and achieve worthwhile Goals.

And the benefits most parents want for thier children at our south Austin Karate academy include:

  • CONFIDENCE to stand up to negative peer pressure
  • FOCUS & Positive Life Skills
  • SELF-DISCIPLINE and GOAL SETTING to be their best, and not be a quitter
  • **Be part of something that’s POSITIVE, FUN. and a GREAT OUTLET for their Energy!

Most importantly, Kids become HAPPIER and build SELF-ESTEEM - That’s the true gift of these classes.


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Karate is the best thing you can do for your child - Chuck Norris

"It begins with your child setting a worthwhile Goal."

*That worthwhile Goal is to earn their 1st Karate Belt!

They start by having an Instructor show them how to wear their GI (Uniform & Belt). Then we show them the 3 ways how to show Respect to family and teachers. Then we show them how to Focus with eye contact...

Then they'll start learning dynamic kicking and punching skills, falls and rolls, blocking and defense skills, BULLY BUSTER, and even a few Foam Weapon moves!

At Impact Martial Arts - students learn in a positive, Goal Achieving atmosphere from the very beginning.

They'll also make some great new friends.

Many kids find our Martial Arts training so motivating, engaging and fun that they set a Worthwhile Goal to earn their Black Belt!

“Our son has been attending your karate school in Austin for three months now, and we have seen a positive change in this short period of time.  He has become more confident and determined in all aspects of his life. The feedback my wife and I have gotten from his teacher and other family members is very good. They have noticed how he has changed in this short period of time and our son looks forward to his classes.”


- Mr.  Michael Massie

“We recently enrolled my 5-year-old son in your Little Champions classes; my wife and I researched and visited other karate schools near me but we felt more at ease with the environment and with the positive techniques used by the instructors.”

– Mr. & Mrs. Davis

If this is your child’s situation, we are glad to give them a private Introductory lesson. They will then most often join in karate classes enthusiastically.

Our martial arts program is very safe. Our Instructors are specially trained and we have measures in place to assure your child’s safety, as they have a great time. Classes begin with a warm-up, and they train with constant supervision.

Kids that are not very athletic, or don’t feel they fit in regular team sports, do extremely well in Karate. They're often motivated and feel more comfortable accomplishing as an individual, while they make new friends. Everyone gets in great shape and builds their athleticism.

Questions you as a parent may have:


Confidence in themselves

Outlet for their Energies!



Motor skills

Focus & Self-control

Social Skills ;-)


A Respectful Attitude

Taking turns

Helping others

Making good friends!

Our kids students have a blast here! You will like the positive and encouraging atmosphere in every class. You’ll also like the intense focus and concentration. Children love the energy - many stay for years as they earn their Black Belts and beyond!

Our Karate classes will set them up for success with increased attention span, while improving their ability to learn. Part of your child’s requirements for their next Belt at Impact Martial Arts is to have good grades and behavior in school. Our Black Belt Candidates have to be ACADEMIC ACHIEVERS! You'll see your child build a sense of accomplishment, and see their confidence grow.

Help your child reach their Full Potential?

Call 512-999-3002 and reserve a place in class for them. You'll get to meet the Instructors, watch your child in class, talk with other parents, and see how to get them ready to achieve their First Goal.

Great location inside SoccerZone!

Welcome to our Academy!

  • classes for real beginners
  • individual and family memberships are available
  • expert certified instructors
  • a safe family atmosphere
  • a convenient class schedule
  • specialized classes for ages 4-6, 7-12, advanced kids, and teens & adults at all levels

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