Impact Martial Arts Austin, TX has specialized classes for kids, teens & adults.

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Impact Martial Arts

9501 Manchaca Rd.

Austin, TX 78748


“I will develop myself in a Positive Manner, and avoid anything that will reduce my Mental Growth or my Physical Health.

I will develop Self-Discipline, in order to bring out the Best in Myself and Others.

I will use Common Sense, before Self-defense, and never be abusive or offensive.

We are a Black Belt School, we are Motivated, we are Dedicated, we are on a Quest to be our Best.

Winners Never quit, Quitters never win, I Choose to be a Winner!”


Little Champions Creed

’“To be a Good person -

       With Knowledge in the mind,

               Honesty in the heart,

                       and Strength in the body.

                               And to be a Good friend!”