Steve Doss, January 17 2019

A-B-C-D = Self-defense


= Avoid - Be Confident - Destroy

Being a martial arts instructor and school owner in Austin, TX for several decades now(!), I've taught close to 8,500 students...kids, teens, and adults.  

And many of these students and families have told me some great...

Success Stories.

My favorites? 

Some favorites have been their Self-defense experiences...

** From when the assistant Principal of Mills Elementary called to tell me about how one of our students - defeated and humbled BOTH of the 5th Grade bullies - at the SAME TIME - with the Lunchroom watching - w/o throwing a single punch or kick!  The non-fiction Karate Kid! 


** What happened when a man suddenly walked into her garage as she opened the garage door (a female student)  - She quickly foiled the assault by not being the easy target he expected! 

This little "A B C D Self-defense" system I made up and teach at Impact Martial Arts ---Seems to work!

A - B - C - D   

A = AVOID - of course! We teach 6 simple Avoid defense techniques (How to get out of it).

1. Hair grab

2. Headlock

3. Push

4. Punch

5. Wrist grab

6. Rear grab.


Also part of our simple and easy to teach system - is how to stand & use your hands, while yelling "Back off - Leave me alone" This is where BE CONFIDENT kicks in.

Bad guys look for an easy target. Don't be that. (Fake it if needed)


If unavoidable, *Hit them back first!, ALL-OUT 110%!"  Our students learn the fighting part really well. But use it only in Self-defense.

Simple and effective.

We want you to be safe. 

Written by

Steve Doss

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