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Impact Martial Arts

9501 Manchaca Rd.

Austin, TX 78748


Impact Martial Arts

9501 Manchaca Rd.

Austin, TX 78748


These Martial Arts skills will build your child's confidence and focus.


CYCLE 2 - Impact South Austin Karate Curriculum and Home Training Videos for BBC Students

...and make the best this challenge!

This young lady is now only one Belt away from earning her Black Belt!

Mr. Troy takes you step-by-step through the Bo Form

Start slow - Hold close to the cord - Total Focus - Be Patient - Don't forget to ho..

Mr. Troy shows you how to avoid the falls and bumps.

Is this 6 year old - the next Bruce Lee?  Or is it you?!

The Lesson Plan for Summer Belt Test & Graduation

This is the BLACK BELT CLUB Cycle 2 Curriculum required to earn your next BBC Star for Summer's Belt Test & Graduation Ceremony - Friday, June 26, 2020

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PARENTS - Meet Merritt Beslisle. He is a student of the first Kickboxing World Champion Jeff Smith, and the legendary Grandmaster Jhoon Rhee, the father of TaeKwonDo in America.

One of your requirements for Black Belt is to be able to perform all 7 Karate Hand Strikes "Effectively" in 5 seconds. (Grandmasters can do them all in just 1 second!)

Bo Staff Form - BBC Karate Weapons


New Training 2X Weekly!