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The biggest challenge your child may be experiencing is school. Every parent wants their child to succeed academically. Getting along with others, experiencing all the extracurricular activities, and dealing with all the new challenges they face - can be daunting for many children.

Having taught over 5,000 children at Impact Martial Arts in Austin, TX since 1984, we have picked up a few tidbits of wisdom. Martial Arts taught well, can be a huge advantage for your child. We teach many of the life skills that will give your child a headstart in life.

At Impact Martial Arts, we teach these life skills that help children both in interpersonal relationships and in conflict avoidance, Martial arts begins and ends with respect, and getting along well with others is priceless. We also reinforce positive behaviors like respect to parents and teachers. This helps them achieve academically,both at home and at school.

7 Important Benefits Children Achieve at Impact Martial Arts:1.


We teach our children students healthy, active habits for years to come. Exercise, well being, and how regular physical fitness training can promote cognitive benefits that result in better school grades.


The difference that positive Self-discipline makes, becomes an important part of your child’s life. Discipline is a core principle in the martial arts, along with kickboxing, Karate, and nearly all other martial arts. Parents will soon see their child develop work ethic from their practice. We have success stories that parents have shared with us about how their child now resists the urge to misbehave, skip classes, and/or hand in their school work late.


Martial Arts taught well is an excellent tool for building your child’s Self-Confidence., Parents see how their child is able to control their emotions and behaviors more responsibly. A positive attitude results in martial arts from feeling good about yourself, achieving goals, and knowing that their place in the world is important and meaningful.

Children learn that that they can overcome obstacles in life with hard work. This is a learning point that can translate to academic success in school, and the confidence to commit themselves to other positive pursuits.


Our students learn that the Martial Arts begins and ends with respect. This respectful attitude is tied in with their behavior at hom and carries over to school. Children learn the impartance of showing respect to elders and authority figures. Children feel good about themselves when they show respect to their teachers and parents.

Developing a habit of respect helps young children who have hyperactivity issues, or children who participate in behaviors harmful to themselves or others.


Most children ages 4-6 have about 4 to 6 minutes of attention span!. It’s true. Before we can teach them martial arts skills, we have to capture their attention. We achieve this with different drills and classroom routines. Martial arts training helps prepare them to keep their attention over more extended periods of time also. Children with ADHD and more severe difficulties find that martial arts training provides them with big benefits.


In our children’s martial arts classes, we teach Self-control that can help them not just in Karate classes, but in helping them succeed in school and life as well. We live in a world of instant gratification. Studies show that kids having the ability to delay rewards tend to succeed at a higher rate later in life.

We teach our junior martial arts students through challenging,yet attainable long-term goals. And these goals become more beneficial, especially through the goal of earning their Black Belt.


Impact Martial Arts in Austin, TX provides numerous opportunities for our children to successfully interact with others. We teach them by example, and in training, skills such as looking others in the eye when they speak, and standing upright with confidence. They learn to work well with others, and become more confident and happier in their day to day interactions. Positive social skills and teamwork are skills that stay with them throughout their lifetime.


Impact Martial Arts in Austin, TX has a well thought out curriculum that is more than just Self-defense and fun. Students learn a Mixed Martial Arts curriculum that is practical and well thought out. Led by Martial Arts Grandmaster, Sport Karate Champion, and World Rated Kickboxer Steve Doss, our students learn proper technique, skill sets, common sense, and overall physical fitness.

Contact us today if you are interested in the Mixed Martial Arts and Self-defense classes that will bring out the best in your child. Ask for our Class Schedule and reserve a free trial class for them.